My Story

I was born with such low vitality they had to unwrap me and tickle the bottoms of my feet to get me to eat or I would have quite literally slept myself to death!

Through my childhood I had two constant companions; gut distress and exhaustion. It wasn’t until recently that I finally realized I most likely was born with a low functioning thyroid.

I tried to combat my low energy with food. It would work, short term, but all too soon I was reaching for whatever I could find to try to prop myself up again. In high school and into college, I planned my day around eating and naps, factoring in recovery time to try to get over the resulting daily stomach ache. Weight gain led me to start on the path of one diet after another, some with actual success, but always short-lived.

I was in my 40s when I  became a Licensed Affirmative Prayer Practitioner through my Spiritual Center. My unspoken goal was to either pray my way out of food dysfunction or finally make peace with my Buddha belly! This did not work for weight loss resolve but I had found the first piece of this complex puzzle: daily peaceful practice.

Knowing there were emotional reasons that were an equal participant in the ongoing saga of my stuck weight issues, I did my research and kept coming across EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique,  or Tapping, for working with emotional issues (recommended as the number one, non-prescription choice by the Veterans Association). I went back to school and became certified as an EFT Practitioner, realizing that EFT could not only help with stressed out veterans but also work with food cravings and weight-related emotional issues. I had found another piece of the puzzle; gentle Tapping on acupressure points to release stuck emotional patterns.

Before (but not at my heaviest!)

These tools were powerful, but not quite sufficient on their own. It all came to a head as I went through a period where I would  startle awake feeling like someone sucked all the air out of the room. After watching my mother die a slow death of congestive heart failure, I knew that was not how I wanted to go! One night, as I lay gasping for air, I prayed the prayer of the desperate, making a vow to the Divine that if I was shown the way back to health, I would stick to the plan and share it with others. It was only a couple of days later that a friend of mine mentioned how she finally realized she had a food addiction, not to all foods, but specific ones. Just like any addiction, she knew that total abstinence from those triggering foods was the only way for her to get a healthy body and a calm mind. She shared her simple eating program of whole foods in managed portions.

After (but not my slimmest!)

Something in what she said about food as an addiction resonated within me and I knew it was answered prayer. I had found the missing puzzle pieces: letting go of triggering foods and eating only whole, real food to support overall health, energy levels, and  to maintain my ideal weight.

I have lost over 60 pounds and kept it off long enough that I am now in the less than one percent statistic of success. The best part about it is I know I will never have to revisit those pounds again! You can see by my photos that I am not some spandex-clad, twenty-something, but I am proof positive that it is never too late to turn your life around. I have shown others how to work this Program to their great success and I can show you, too. Even better, I can lovingly support you as you go through this transformative process. I made a vow to Spirit and I am keeping my promise!

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”“After each one on one session with Lauren, I leave with a sense of renewed belief in myself, in life, and in infinite possibilities. Peacefulness, a sense of freedom and joy envelops me long afterwards!”

"By my willingness to surrender to the process, more and more of the truth of who I am continues to reveal itself. It is tremendously loving and hugely empowering!”


“Unpleasant childhood experiences that I successfully pushed down most of my life, thinking I was being strong, have come up and impacted every decision I have made in my life. They have ultimately sabotaged the success of a multitude of failed attempts at weight loss. Lauren’s profound ability to listen deeply while supporting my inner journey back to wholeness, has brought about a lasting change; a greater sense of personal freedom, and I am well on my way to my ideal body weight!”

”I stopped by the store on my way home from our EFT session releasing food cravings. While I was waiting in line to pay I noticed the candy staged below the cashier’s counter. I was mindlessly looking at the variety of brands, colors of packaging, etc. when it was brought to my attention that there was an absence of a once familiar inner struggle. Prior to that moment I would have wanted to buy and eat something from that smorgasbord or experience the emotional inner conflict of self-denial. I did not experience either emotion. I was delighted by this observation. As I pulled away from the store (sans candy, guilt or deprivation) I assessed how I felt emotionally at that moment and was once again delighted by my state of peace. It is now the following morning I continue to experience that emotional state of peace and freedom.”

Stopped Cravings

“Lauren is a joy to work with! She was right on target in helping me pinpoint the core issues that needed to be addressed so I could move forward in my life. Lauren's wisdom, care and non-judgmental attitude; along with a real working knowledge of EFT and other techniques, are a winning combination for anyone who is looking to make positive change in their lives.”