There is So Much to Live For – Choose Life!

My daughter called in tears today. A friend and mentor of hers had passed away unexpectedly. This woman was a successful businesswoman and well loved by her community. She was also clinically obese and had many health challenges as a result. I recall my many years of struggle with my weight. Each and every day […]

A Refrigerator That Feeds Body and Soul

I love having a refrigerator that is guilt-free. I open the doors to find beauty and health. When things are neatly arranged in clear containers I can easily see what is there. Buying fresh beautiful produce means I don’t overstuff the shelves. Preparing layers of salad veggies in Mason jars gives me a quick lunch […]

Are We Protein Obsessed?

When it comes to protein there seems to be two opposing mindsets; “protein, especially animal proteins are to be eaten daily,” vs “most Westernized cultures get too much protein, specifically in the form of animal protein.” Proteins are molecules made up of amino acids. There are different amounts of protein content and amino acid profiles […]

Too Old to Change Eating Habits?

Past your hormonal prime to get in great shape? Nonsense! I can attest to the fact that it is never too late. By changing my mindset and eating patterns I have not only achieved my desired size but have maintained it for several years, and I didn’t start the process until I was in my […]

A Hot Button Topic

Remember the days when you would invite someone over for a meal and there was seldom a request made for special food considerations  (other than an occasional food allergy or philosophical parameter). Food allergies are now rampant and the variety of chosen or mandated eating regimens seems to grow daily. Vegan, vegetarian, Zone diet, Mediterranean, low […]

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