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I empower women to go from the quiet desperation of low energy and expanding waistlines to living a life;


Is your energy at a constant low?  Does it feel like you eat only rabbit food and you still can't get to your ideal sized body?                 Are food cravings driving you nuts?  Do you suspect that food manufacturers may be leading you in the wrong direction? What you don't know may be keeping you sick, tired, and fat!


When was the last time you jumped out of bed, energized, free of aches and pains, optimistic about your day, sliding clothes over your sleek body that look and feel great? If the answer is anything other than, "this morning!" then please watch the five minute video; The Waistline Warrior.

My Warrior women are winning this battle...

I spent a lifetime of low energy, going from one diet to another, sometimes with some actual success, but never long term. It all came to a head as I started experiencing some dire health challenges and realized, if I did not find the path to healing and wholeness, I would not live to hold my grandchildren. In the dark night of my soul I made a vow to the Divine, “show me the way back to vibrant health, and I promise I will stick with it and I will share it with others.” This Program is the fulfillment of that promise. The journey begins with the above five minute video.  

We can do this thing - together!

3 Keys to Your Ideal Weight and Lasting Freedom